Remove Pop-up Ads & Block Adverts Online

Remove Pop-up Ads & Block Adverts Online

Adblocking is a technology, which allows for blocking ads before they are loaded by the webbrowser. That means that you are saving bandwidth and the page is rendered faster within your browser. For a detailed description please visit:

Q: What is element hiding?

On some sites like Facebook and Google the ads can not be blocked, as they are an integrated part of the webpage. On these websites the ads will be hidden, so you don’t see the ads, but they are still being loaded and you will not save bandwidth.

Q: What is adblock plus?

Adblock plus is the most popular adblocker available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari & Internet Explorer. It is an Open Source project being maintained by Wladimir Palant, it is highly recommended so visit for a download.

Q: What is an ad filter?

An ad filter is a list of rules the ad blocker works by. In the filter list it will be stated that on a given website, the request for adserver X is blocked, while the request for adserver Y is hidden. The more accurate the filterlist is, the better the adblocking will work.

Q: Why remove ads?

There are many reasons why people choose to remove ads. Some of the most frequent arguments are:
– People do not wan’t to be manipulated by online advertising
– Online advertising imposes a security risk for the internet user, as the third-party banner ads may introduce security breaches to the site
– Advertising often uses heavy graphics, which slows the page loading
– Advertising is annoying

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