Deans Accountants: Welcome to Deans Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors. We are a team of reliable, approachable, and proactive accountants who do more than just respond to your needs.

We provide more in-house services than any other accountants in the Borders, with better tools to help you work more efficiently.

When reviewing our service offering to clients, there was a gap in what we could offer. Previously, financial services had been offered to our clients but we needed to bring in outside resources to do this.

Clients had indicated that they felt much happier if we were providing the advice to them. We therefore decided that this was a service that we had to offer and David and Neil obtained the necessary qualification to do this. We are a member of Valid Path – a national network of financial advisers which specialises in accountancy practices. This fits in with our view that we have to offer more to our clients.

We offer the full range of investment advice with the exception of mortgages. We believe that financial services is an integral part of our service offering and that you cannot give a client any form of advice without considering this.

We utilise a number of resources to provide this service and we have taken the view that this is an ongoing process rather than a transaction driven process. We utilise a process called Wealth Tracker which allows clients to have input into a 5 year plan which measures where you are likely to be in five years time. This process is reviewed on an annual basis to update it for changes in circumstances. A report is produces each year which gauges where you are against your goals. A sample report is available here (Adobe Reader ( .pdf ) format).

We also offer clients access to the Transact & Parmenion platforms. Both are investment platforms which give clients access to all their investments in one location. We have a sample portfolio set up.

To login, please go to: https://www.transact-online.co.uk/omWeb2.cfm?x=8783747504

Contact David or Neil to request a username and password and for more information.



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A team of reliable, approachable, and proactive accountants

Provide more in-house services than any other accountants