Save money this year on website hosting

Save money this year on website hosting

Today everyone is competing to give the best value to its customers, well the ones who are looking for it. How many times have you seen the adverts for comparing your car insurance or home insurance to save money, and I must admit you do save money. This is why it’s time for you to save money on your hosting.

Once your website is built all you need is a hosting account, most people are paying over £100 per year for this service. We charge as little as £59 per year and this includes a free domain

What do you currently pay?

Check how much you pay for your current website charges. 99% of the time your site content stays the same apart from a few image & text updates but still the site is built and you just need to pay for your hosting & domain. One customer was paying £180 for one year of hosting.

Easy Transfer Included

Well here’s the good part, you won’t even notice the change. Your site only takes us 10-20 minutes to transfer the files & database over. Once the process is complete it will all be up and running as normal. We take care of the whole process for you so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Don’t wait another year

Be honest, most of the time we never bothered with things like this. We just think its only a couple of quid and it’s working how it is. But as mentioned in the first box just take a look at what you are currently paying for your website on an annual basis. I’m more than sure you can make a saving.

Premium Hosting With Go-Daddy

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