Win Health Ltd is a healthcare company supplying a wide range of healthcare products, such as. muscular stimulators, pelvic floor assessment, nebulisers, blood pressure monitors, portable ECG monitors, AED defibrillators, head protectors, hip protectors, fragile skin protectors, elderly care, incontinence products, cold lasers, TENS machines, hygiene products, heat therapy, massage therapy and home health self care devices. Win Health customers include the NHS, independent healthcare providers, care homes, social services, charities, councils, schools, police force and general public.

Win Health Ltd is an established supplier to the NHS, having supplied the NHS for over 12 years with a range of medical devices, including HipSaver Soft Hip Protector and NeuroTrac Electrotherapy devices for rehabilitation, pelvic floor rehabilitation and continence and pain relief.

Win Health Hip Protectors – HipSaver Soft Hip Protector – are leading hip protectors in the UK. Win Health HipSaver Soft Hip Protector is widely accepted and used with great success in the NHS and care homes nationwide. Hip Protectors save elderly people’s lives by preventing fall related hip fractures.

We at Win Health seek to identify and stock a wide variety of pioneering self-care and medical devices for home, clinic and hospital use. The principal aim of our self care devices is to help people understand and manage personal health issues, improve wellbeing and enjoy comfortable lifestyle. Now can proudly annouce that we are the OFFICIAL UK SUPPLIER of the unique Venowave VW5 Calf Pump, which helps people suffering with poor circulation and many serious conditions arising from poor circulation, including DVT and Chronic Venous Insufficiency as well as the OFFICIAL UK SUPPLIER of the advanced Nu-Tek EMG ETS STIM Devices for Muscle Assessment and Rehabilitation with General Physiotherapy and Continence Therapy applications.

Win Health Ltd has international presence and global reach. Win Health serves customers in the United Kingdom and worldwide. Win Health Online Shop is secure and offers a choice of payment methods by credit & debit cards via RBS WorldPay & Global Iris (Realex) as well as PayPal & PayPal Express Checkout.

Win Health website is safe & certified secure! You can visit Win Health website without worries and purchase with total confidence! Alternatively, you can call Win Health on 01835 864866 (UK)/+ 44 1835 864866 (International) for our personal attention by phone!



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