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Safe, Warm, Welcoming Care for Your Child

Totstop Day Nursery in Brackmills is in an expertly converted building that provides an attractive and welcoming space with three distinct areas, one for babies, one for toddlers and one for pre-school children. These areas are furnished with equipment that has been specially designed and chosen to give your child a safe and stimulating environment where he or she can interact with other children of a similar age while exploring, having fun and learning through play. Contact us if you’re looking for a Day Nursery in Brackmills.

In addition, we have two gardens where the children can play, explore or simply relax when the weather permits because here at Totstop Day Nursery we believe that the natural outdoors environment is at least as important as the inside. Our last Ofsted statement remarked that “Children make good use of the outdoor area where they pedal tricycles, dig, crawl through tunnels and balance on tyres.”

Our hardworking, well qualified staff are committed to achieving an Ofsted “Outstanding” grade at our next inspection!

Dedicated Staff

Totstop Day Nursery in Northampton achieved a “Good” grade at our last Ofsted inspection, and our hardworking, well qualified staff are committed to achieving an “Outstanding” grade at the next one. Your child is allocated a “Key Person”, who is responsible for your child’s care and welfare, compiling and maintaining his or her development records throughout their time with us. Your child’s Key Person is dedicated to building a sound relationship with you and your child, to helping you gain an understanding of your child’s day to day experience, and to be aware of your child’s healthy development during his or her time in our day care Children’s Nursery in Northampton

We provide first class child care in Northampton so that you can be sure your children receive the best possible care, attention, nutrition and learning opportunities while they are with us. You can relax in the knowledge that your children are safe and happy, well fed and cared for, whilst receiving the best possible preparation for when they start school. Give your child the best start for their development by booking a place in Totstop Day Nursery in Brackmills today.

Secure a Place at Our Day Nursery in Brackmills

Call Totstop Day Nursery now on 01604 674600 to secure a place for your baby when you return to work. Make an appointment to come and visit us – we’ll be delighted to show you our fabulous child care facilities, and to introduce our caring and qualified nursery staff to you.

Send us an email for more information, and we’ll get right back to you.

Give your child the best start, the opportunity to make great friends and have fun-filled days at Totstop Day Nursery. If you’re looking for a Day Nursery in Brackmills contact us now



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Safe, Warm, Welcoming Care for Your Child

Dedicated Staff