Ray Maloney MSc is over 20 years of experience providing counselling and psychotherapy in public service and the NHS I have acquired a reputation for putting the individual at the forfront of treatment.

I am fully qualified and experienced in Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT); and Ericksonian hypnotherapy/NLP. Often people benefit from a combination of approach.

A strict policy of confidentiality and professionalism is maintained. I am accredited by the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) on a yearly basis and adhere to their code of ethical conduct and accreditation. For further details concerning the UKCP please see: – www.ukcp.org.uk

Fees are charged on a sessional basis of £40.00 per session (50 minutes per session). In the event of enquiry please do not hesitate to email or speak by phone. If unavailable I will endeavor to return your call ASAP.

No issue is too small or great to bring to counselling. It is common to feel apprehensive about seeing a therapist or to worry about what will happen. My style is warm, approachable and sensitive and there is no right thing for you to say or do. There will be plenty of opportunity to discuss therapy and any questions you may have.

Therapy is not about someone telling you what to do – it is about considering issues together, in ways which help you to clarify and understand more about your situation and how you would like things to be.

I encourage people to complete a self assessment document which often they find useful to print off and bring to the first session. I email a copy before the first session. If some parts are found difficult or do not seem relevant they can be left blank. The self assessment gives people a chance to think about life, difficulties and what they would like to achieve.

Appointment times are for 50 minutes at a cost of £40 per session. Sessions are usually weekly and I keep to the same time each week. Unfortunately I do need to charge for missed sessions unless prior cancellation notice of 24 hours is given.

Please do not hesitate to email or phone if you have any concerns or querries.




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