For thirty years I was a hairdresser with, at one time, 3 hairdressing salons in the area.

I was also a skin care specialist using a very special range of products. I was getting very good results dealing with very unpleasant and often painful skin problems like psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis, but never enough to really cure the problems. By now I had worked out that stress was a major cause of these skin problems. So I started looking into alternative therapies for an answer to stress, because the medical profession had no real answer to these skin problems or stress either.

After spending months looking into most of the alternative therapies I came to Hypnotherapy. After many questions and much reading I came to the conclusion that if it could do half the things these books said, it could work miracles for the skin problems and many other things too and it does!!

So I did my first Hypnotherapy course, and from then on I was hooked. That was the start of many courses and much study and finally qualifications, and then twenty years in practice, and I started Keith Egleton Hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy gave me the self confidence to change careers which was a very big step. It gave me the confidence to do public speaking. I have talked to dozens of organizations. I have also been on TV and a radio show talking about Hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy allowed me to let go of a lifetimes of hurts, worries, traumas, bad memories etc. and put the fun back into my life! I learnt to sleep well and to stop worrying. Hypnotherapy turned my life around. I just wish I had done it many years ago, as many of my clients are telling me now.

I am fitter, healthier and happier than I ever was before I started Hypnotherapy. I know it works I have proved it! Why not find out how much it could do for you?

My aim is to help you change your life! Whether it is to remove a phobia, or to give you the confidence to change jobs, whether it is to lose weight, stop smoking or do a public presentation, or all of these things, I can show you how to succeed in life, to be fitter healthier happier and be more confident! In other words to put happiness and success into your life!



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let go of a lifetimes of hurts, worries, traumas, bad memories etc

Our goal is to give you the confidence to change jobs, lose weight, stop smoking or do a public presentation