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In 1981 four Modelmakers decided to form their own company. With years of skill and technical experience between them and a burning ambition, the quartet left their comfortable existence behind them and embarked on a journey of a lifetime. With a rented workshop and a vision to build a company with a reputation for creating commercial architectural models of the highest quality, Kandor Modelmakers was born. This simple philosophy began to attract some of the most talented people in the model making industry. The architectural world recognised the quality of the Kandor product and before long, James Stirling and Norman Foster became regular clients as did Graham Morrison and Bob Allies. With this success Kandor looked to the future, and invested in a custom built freehold workshop, which today is the base from where Kandor continues to produce some of the best commercial models in today’s competitive market.¬†Over the years Kandor has evolved. Now in the digital age, Kandor is at the cutting edge of technology, investing in CNC machinery, laser technology and even the ability to print in three dimensions. With these technologies the company can accept the challenges that others would not consider, without compromising the quality model making associated with Kandor. Director David Gomm explains, “Today the three dimensional model is as important as it has ever been. Our models give the viewer, often for the first time, the ability to instantly understand the scheme. With this in mind, decisions and issues can be considered and resolved. Models are a critical part of the design process and a good model will always enhance a good design. Whether for planning, marketing or public exhibition, the model will ensure the success of any project, in short, the model beats all other media”.




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