Insight 2 Wales of St Clears is an established business in the St Clears region with many ranges of services

The Activities range at Insight 2 Wales of St Clears in Carmarthenshire covers all requirements available throughout the Carmarthenshire region. In addition to the UK Activities are the latest services available at the Carmarthenshire Activities .

Please visit the Insight 2 Wales website regularly to see all special services available at Insight 2 Wales of St Clears serving all Activities requirements in the Carmarthenshire region.

Need Activities? Choose Insight 2 Wales of St Clears in Carmarthenshire

If you would like the independence of a bespoke tour taken with friends, partners or on your own and a flexible personalised service, meticulous planning and the knowledge that Insight2Wales Ltd will provide an excellent service, then read on.

Our Tour Plan service will help you find a suitable tour reflecting your budget and needs. Just perfect if you want to arrange the tour and need help with accommodation or transport. Background material and maps will be provided.

We also offer a personal tour that can pick you up from the airport or pre-arranged venue, and take you to some fine locations throughout Wales. We will take you to the many undiscovered parts of Wales, meeting local communities, or helping you trace your roots, taking part in Welsh activities, or relaxing and taking in the wonderful scenery, heritage and hospitality of Wales.

If you are interested, please either telephone +44 (0)1994 230110, email us at info@insight2wales.com and we will be able to provide more information on dates and costs.

Wales is a country with two lanuages, Welsh and English and it is this which has made the culture so diverse and fascinating for anyone willing to scratch its surface. All branches of Welsh culture are well presented in both lanuages and a bespoke tour with us would allow you to choose the particular aspect that interests you. There are galleries, theatres, museums, concert halls and libraries throughout Wales to host the many activities taking place. Our tour would allow ‘experts’ in their field to take you on an in-depth tour of the musical, visual, written, oral and folk culture of Wales allowing you also to discuss and interact with leading exponents. Why not, for instance, join us on following the Dylan Thomas trail across South Wales or follow the routes of the ‘Romantic’ artists and writers.

Wales is rich in heritage, from buildings and monuments to gardens and other sites and places of historic interest.
From pre-history to the present day, the landscape of Wales resonates with history. The country is famous for its castles but there is so much more besides, including churches, abbeys, chapels, ancient burial chambers, remote hill forts, houses and gardens, agricultural and industrial heritage. We always place great emphasis on telling the human story about these places, after all it was people who built, lived and worked in them. Travelling in a smaller group gives us opportunities to visit places that are not often found on most tour itineraries, so come and join us in putting together a visit that will be unusual and enlightening.

Walking Holidays with Insight 2 Wales
A walking holiday is a wonderful way to explore Wales and there is so much to see. The country is renowned for its wonderful scenery from coastal paths, river and valley walks, border walks or mountain trails.

We would be delighted to work with you, planning and organising walking tours that will be full of interest and enjoyment. We will provide all transport and arrange accommodation as well as providing (if required) very knowledgeable guides to accompany you along your chosen routes.

Why not, for instance, explore parts of Snowdonia, discovering still, quiet lakes, abandoned settlements, a disused slate quarry or follow in the footsteps of earlier travellers who came in search of the ‘romantic’ landscapes. Climbing the high peaks can be a truly exhilarating experience.

There is also the truly beautiful Pembrokeshire Coastal Path with its high cliffs, wide beaches and dozens of little harbours and inlets. It is a veritable haven for wildlife and we could, if you wished, organise boat trips to go dolphin spotting or to explore the magnificent Milford Haven.



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