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Nothing irks me more than those mornings I’m a few minutes late, only to realize there is construction on the Tollway and it’s down to one lane. Or those times I hit every. Single. Red. Light. Stopping before I can even get started! All of a sudden I feel this rage bubble up inside me, just waiting for the next lifted truck to cut me off before I explode!

Road rage. Not a good look.

Like our super rush couriers, we know our fellow Dallas residents are in a hurry, but you won’t catch our professionals raging on the roads in North Texas. No, they’ve learned to harness the pain of traffic jams, red lights, and construction zones.

Our Dallas STAT couriers have some tips for you to help soothe that road rage, even when you’re experiencing the super rush:

  1. Misery loves company

If you see other aggressive drivers, get away! It might seem tempting to ride the coattails of that guy dodging in and out of traffic on the highway, but you never know how far their rage can go. The other driver could potentially be dangerous.

  1. Get some sleep

Any tired parent knows you are much more testy when you have not had a good night’s sleep. Personal experience, and studies, shows that lack of sleep can lead to feelings of annoyance, resentment, and anger.

  1. Leave early

You’re more likely to develop road rage when you’re feeling pressure of, say, getting to work on time, or making a super rush delivery across the city of Dallas. Add a cushion of 10-15 minutes for your drives. That way, you’ll have a little wiggle room when you realize your tank is low, slow down for an accident on the highway, or have to detour due to construction.

  1. Go classical

Did you know that the music you listen to could affect the way you drive? That heavy metal, fast beat can actually cause you to pump up the volume and your speed. Instead, search for the classical station, listen to an audiobook, or your favorite sermon. Ease the stress and soothe that rage instead of feeding it.

  1. Breathe

Taking deep breaths and getting oxygen to your brain can reduce tension. Focusing on your breathing can help you forget (for just a minute) what’s happening on the outside and, instead, bring the focus on the inside.

Perhaps, though, you aren’t normally the raging-type. You might not be like the super rush couriers, and, instead, you drive with a little less purpose and a little less speed. Instead of the perpetrator, you tend to be the victim of road rage.

But you’re not off the hook.

You, too, can help to soothe the mad gesticulations and gas hitting of the road ragers. The AAA Foundation has a few ideas for those who might find themselves bullied by road-raging drivers:

  • Always use your signals when changing lanes.
  • Stay out of the right-hand land if you’re not turning right.
  • Park like a human being (or at least a human being who knows how to stay inside the lines).
  • Don’t tailgate the car in front of you.
  • Don’t block the passing lane on the highway.
  • Never retaliate when instigated.

Our super rush couriers know what it’s like to be on a mission and get from one place to another expeditiously. However, your super rush doesn’t have to involve road rage. Work to soothe that rage, and help keep our DFW roads safe for everyone out there.



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