Many people don’t realise that we use trance naturally each and every day of our lives in order, for example, to recall facts, to remember happy times to do learned tasks . Trance is as natural a phenomenon as breathing or blinking. Hypnotherapy helps people to use this trance ability to deal with difficulties and find solutions to their problems. Hypnotic trance is similar to the state of calm and awareness achieved by meditation. Therapy achieved by hypnosis can be a very powerful way of accessing the subconscious patterns of behaviour which we need The Damon Barlow Practice works predominantly with a Solution- Focused Brief Therapy model, although other modern approaches are combined as required. Clients can resolve problems and issues which are beyond the capabilities of just the conscious mind. The focussing on the solutions with both our conscious and unconscious mind allows us to utilise the full power of our minds to overcome obstacles to our happiness and well being, and we gain many useful insights throughout this journey.

We use modern techniques and work with our clients in a fully co-operative way. Unwanted thought processes and habits can be eliminated as we help people to make their desired positive changes in their lives.

Treatment is tailored to each individual client, their needs, preferences and personalities. We are here to help you make improvements in your life; to make the positive changes that you want to achieve.


Hypnotherapy has been used to help alleviate symptoms of a wide number of conditions. We always advise clients to visit their GP to check out any medical conditions. However hypnotherapy and solution focused therapy can be a useful complementary therapy. For example, because we use a solution focused approach, clients use our therapy to help them deal positively with a variety of symptoms and issues, to discover solutions to various problems, to reduce the level of stress and anxiety and to make positive changes in their lives.

All this increases feelings of personal well-being.

The better we deal with stress and the more calm and confident we feel, the better we are able to deal with life’s ups and downs. When we understand how our thoughts and feelings effect us, we are in a better position to respond in a more constructive and appropriate manner. Learning to take control of our thoughts and feelings can empower us.

The medical profession recognises the uses of hypnotherapy to help alleviate symptoms of IBS.

This is not a comprehensive list of all the conditions or situations we may be able to help with. Our therapy is wide-ranging, so it’s always good to get in touch so we can discuss your personal circumstances and see what we recommend.



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Make improvements in your life

Make the positive changes that you want to achieve