Amravati Feng Shui can create a dramatic and lasting change to your home or business.

As a highly recommended Feng Shui teacher and consultant, I aim to bring change and enlivenment to people, homes and businesses that require it throughout London.

I use the traditional technique of Feng Shui, identifying negative influences and finding ways to block these whilst improving positive chi though layout, decoration and designs. Relationships, love and careers may significantly improve as you adjust your furniture arrangements and implement the advised cures.

I am also an accomplished Reiki Master, helping people transform their mind and body through the promotion of self-healing using natural energy.
Why choose Amravati Feng Shui?

Experienced Feng Shui consultant – I am a fully trained Feng Shui consultant who has been assisting with healing and space clearing for over 15 years
Increase the positive energy in your property – When you are choosing Feng Shui for your home or business I can increase the flow of chi throughout the building
Improve your own well-being – Through the creation of a positive living or working space you can see the difference in your personal well-being
Competitively priced – Call today to find out about my fantastic rates

Based in central London, I am ideally located to carry out Feng Shui consultations throughout zones 1 and 2, although I am more than happy to travel further should you require my services.

Increase the positive chi in your home.
Using traditional techniques Amravati Feng Shui can change your home life for the better.

Your home and garden should be a place of peace and tranquillity where you feel safe and able to recharge. It should encourage fun and creativity, joy and love. Through a Feng Shui consultation I can help you identify negative influences on your home, and offer advice on layouts, decorating and energy flow to help you make the most of your space and create a beneficial change to your life.

In order to create a Feng Shui home I will use the elements of water, wood, fire, earth and metal to determine the colour and shapes within each room. By understanding these elements and how they can enhance your home I can help you achieve your personal goals through the creation of a positive space. Space clearing can enhance the atmosphere and new furniture arrangements may be more welcoming.

The Home Feng Sui consultation package includes:
Advice on how to protect your home from negative external influences
Identification of any negative influences such as geopathic stress or electro-pollution and advice on cures
Suggestions on improvement of Feng Shui in the garden
Energetic space clearing of the building
Feng Shui colour advice for each room in the home and the exterior
Structural cures for Feng Shui problems if within your budget
Recommendation of Feng Shui cures such as crystals, plants, decorative objects
Identifying which room is best for which purpose
Good spaces to optimise knowledge, family, wealth, health, reputation, love, friendship and career
Advice to optimise layout of the furniture in the rooms



138 Sinclair Rd, Brook Green, London, W14 0NL, United Kingdom.

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Well-being Competitively priced

Experienced Feng Shui consultant

Increase the positive energy in your property

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