AIS Ltd: We supply an extensive range of interpretation and Simtran equipment as well as interpreters, with infrared interpretation equipment and interpreters booths. We supply a range of Simtran installations from radio tour guide systems, sound reinforcement/PA systems, Electronic voting systems to sound enhancement for the hard of hearing.

ais London is a creative agency
Our job is to help you get more for your money. Whether it’s a print ad that gets you on the news, a TV commercial that creates a stir or a piece of social content that racks up millions of views with minimal paid media. Whatever needs making, we’ll make it work harder.

Why ais London?
We exist to make businesses more profitable. And we do it by creating work that drives a response.
With a heritage in direct marketing, we understand what makes people act. By combining this knowledge with an expertise in digital and social media, we can create ideas that work. For brands and the people they seek.
It’s marketing that gets past the filter. That gets you noticed. That gets people to do something.
We call it ‘creative innovation that people value’.

How does it work?
It’s a partnership between strategic and creative thinking. A truly collaborative approach that fuses creativity and technology with an appreciation of what makes people act.
That may feel hard and light years away from where you are now. But it’s a journey we’ve been on before. And it starts with us understanding your business..

Technology has created new ways to reach people. But the principles of direct marketing are the same. Our job is to generate a response. We start with data, understanding behaviour and ways to affect it. Then use this insight to create an experience people care about.



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Radio tour guide systems

Sound reinforcement/PA systems

Electronic voting systems