Figuring Out Who’s Legit & Who Isn’t

Figuring Out Who’s Legit & Who Isn’t

We know a lot of our customers get numerous calls a week regarding similar services to what we provide. Unfortunately in the past decade the the web services industry has been flooded with scammers and illegitimate companies.

They cold call customers on a daily basis claiming to part of Google and insist that you pay immediately to avoid your website falling off the first page. This is rubbish.

If you get calls like this simply put the phone down and go about your day.

There’s a lot of signs that tell you whether a company is scam or not, most are very easy to spot.

The first sign a company is likely to be a scam is they will be calling from a withheld number. They do this so they can say things like “I’m calling from Google” without the fear of being call backed once you realise you’ve been scammed.

Secondly, all legit companies will start the phone call by clearly stating their business name and often have a password or passcode they can give you to confirm its them. The’ll also have their number shown so you can call back or Google their number to see who it is.

Another tell-tell sign is how much they go out of their way to hide their contact details. If you visit a companies site and the only contact details they have is an email adress, be cautious. Good reputable companies will have their full address, telephone number, email address and in some cases live chat.  Having a green bar at the begining of their web address is also an excellent sign the company is legit. The green bar means they are HTTPS verified, this means their identity is confirmed and they are who they say they are.

The final thing you’ll want to do is Google the companies name and telephone number. If their a scam there will be numerous web pages with people talking about their dealings with the company. There’s also free websites like which lists all companies which have been found to be fraudulent.

We hope this helps you in the future when dealing with these companies and please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.